I am a professional musician and experienced music teacher.


My style of teaching always seeks to meet the students individual needs and interests as personalized as possible. Whether you are a beginner of any age, looking to gain basic skills and fundamental understanding of the piano, or an advanced player aiming to make that next step towards a more rounded musicianship, I always enjoy sharing all my professional experience in order to enable you to express yourself with music and unfold your full creative potential.


Besides composing, recording and performing music of various stilistics, I always had a special passion for teaching piano, composing and theory, since it is a beautiful way of sharing my love for music with inspiring students. In over eight years as a professional teacher in Germany and the US, I have worked with numerous children of all ages, adult beginners, and advanced students. From 2017 until 2019, I taught undergraduate courses at the New York University in the fields of "Instrumental Pop/Jazz" and "Piano Group Lessons".

Additionally, since 2017 I have been part of the prestigious FULBRIGHT program as an ambassador for German culture in the US, with the objective to further the intercultural understanding of both countries.


As a professional musician I have recorded 9 critically acclaimed albums, as both a bandleader, as well as a sideman.


I have toured extensively in the US, China, South Korea, Nepal, Costa Rica, and all over Europe, and perform regularly in various venues in New York City with different bands and projects.


In May 2019 I graduated from NYU with a Masters Degree in Music with a focus on "Jazz Instrumental Performance."

During my studies I had the opportunity to learn from numerous world-renowned jazz artists, such as Kevin Hays, Peter Bernstein, Alan Ferber, Adam Rogers, and many more.