Noah Rott is an internationally performing jazz pianist, bandleader, composer and educator. Since 2017 he is based in Brooklyn and is part of the New York jazz scene. In his multifarious playing he combines diverse influences from J.S.Bach, Rock, Hip-Hop and electronic music with his deep love for the american jazz tradition. In 2019 he recorded he debut album "rewind", which will be released in fall 2020.


In his youth he started as an autodidact and started producing electronical music early on. His lack of side-reading skills forced him to come up with his own songs, improvisations and playing by ear, which later proved to be an ideal premise to dive into the world of jazz. At age 16 he won the first prize at  the German competition "Jugend Jazzt" in the category "solo". He won another first prize at the competition two years later, leading his own band. From 2010-2015 he studied a Bachelor of Music at the Hamburg Conservatory of Music and Theatre.


During this time he became a well-established pianist and driving force of Hamburg's local jazz scene and started to perform nationally and internationally. He performed with several ensembles in the US, Europe, China, South Korea, Nepal, and Costa Rica. Noah Rott was featured on world-renowned festivals and venues, such as European Parliament, Jewish Museum New York, Jazzmandu festival, Club Evans Seoul, Rockwood Music Hall, Shape Shifter Lab, Elbjazz festival, feel.jazz festival, ueberjazz festival, festiwal kulturi, jazz open festival, and many more. Furthermore he recorded seven critically acclaimed albums as a sideman.


Besides his musical activities, Noah Rott worked as a cultural manager. For many years he was a board member of the association "JazzHaus Hamburg e.V." supporting cultural events and hosting an annual jazz festival. In 2015 he founded the music label, artist collective and event series JAZZLAB with the objective to make improvised music accessable to a new and young audience. In 2017 he was a founding member and host of the festival feel.jazz.


Since 2017 Noah Rott was rewarded with the internationally renowned Fulbright scholarship to represent German culture in the US and further the mutual and cultural understanding of both countries.

In 2019 he graduaded from the New York University with a Master of Music in Jazz Instrumental Performance. In this time he studied with some of the most innovative jazz artists of our time, such as Peter Bernstein, Kevin Hays, Alan Ferber, Billy Drewes, Adam Rogers, Brad Shepik, Andy Milne and Lenny White.

Additionally Noah Rott taught courses for undergraduate students at NYU in the fields "Jazz/Pop Piano & Composition".


In the course of his career Noah Rott collaborated with world-known artists such as Jim Black, Michael Rodriguez, Rich Perry, Tal Yahalom, Almog Sharvit, Sandra Hempel, Silvan Strauss, Ken Norris, Gaya Feldheim Schorr, Nils Wogram, David Leon, Jake Shandling, Quintin Zoto and Frank Delle.